Rebar-Life Line of RCC Construction

Steel reinforcement bar is also known as rebar, reinforcing bar, reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel. It is a versatile constructional material which is widely used in the construction industry for making of the reinforced concrete. Reinforcement concrete (RC) is a composite material made up of concrete and some form of reinforcement – most commonly steel rods, bars, wires or mesh of steel rods and steel wires. The steel reinforcement bars usually consists of such shape and size that they may easily be bent and placed in the concrete so as to form a monolithic structure.

Reinforced concrete is a composite material in which concrete's relatively low tensile strength and ductility are combined with reinforcement steel's higher strength and ductility. Rebar is central to overall behavior of concrete as rebar carries both tension and axial forces, efficient engineering design and application of rebar will decide the cost, value and durability of concrete and therby construction.

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