Rebarcalculator enables calculations/conversions of rebar from  weight(MT),  Surface are(M2),   No. of bar(12 meter length each) and total Length(meter) in any combinations.

To Calculate from Weight(MT) and convert it into   Surface are(M2)  for example Dia 10 MM & Quantity 5 MT select the unit  MT from green panel  then select the unit to be converted as output ie. M2   from Blue panel.  Press calculate to get the required conversion.

This will be useful to site engineers, Managers, Project leaders in rolling, civil construction and coating industry to estimate cost and operational detail.

If you find this is useful, please comment on my blog and suggest of similar or any other areas in your business which can be improved with such software/applications.

You can download Rebarcalculator  free of cost from below. this application will easily run on Windows  but may  or may not  work   on Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris,  FreeBSD,  or  AIX