History of Rebar

Year Event
1848Jean-Louis Lambot
Used iron bars and wire mesh to reinforce several concrete rowboats…
1854William B. Wilkinson
Used iron bars and wire rope to reinforce the concrete floors of a two-story cottage.
1850-1880 François Coignet
A pioneer of reinforced concrete, Coignet was the first to use iron reinforced concrete in construction on a widespread scale. France
1889Gyozo Mihailich
Mihailich is credited with designing the first arch bridge to use reinforced concrete. Hungary
1911ASTM A15 published with grades 33 and 50
till 1967Plain MS bar of grade FE-250 in India
1968ASTM A615 published (replaced ASTM A15, ASTM A408, ASTM A431, ASTM A432, and portions of ASTM A305) with grades 40, 60, and 75
1973Epoxy-coated rebar first used in a U.S. bridge
1979ASTM A767 published for zinc-coated (galvanized) rebars
1981ASTM A775 for epoxy-coated rebars and ASTM D3963 for handling of epoxy coated bars published
1983Stainless steel rebar first used in U.S. bridges.
upto 1990CTD bars of grade Fe-405-415 used in India
1980-85TMT bars introduced in India
1985IS-1786 first published in India
1993IS-13620 for epoxy coated bars published in India
1996ASTM A955/A955M published for stainless steel rebars
2008ASTM A1055 published for zinc and epoxy dual coated rebars
2017IS-16651 for stainless rebar published in India

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